The Top 10 Games Compatible with Razer Cortex

What is Razer Cortex?

Razer Cortex is a game optimization software that allows gamers to improve their gaming experience by eliminating unnecessary processes, freeing up system resources and enhancing in-game performance. It works by prioritizing the games you are currently playing, allowing your computer to focus on running them without any lag or interruptions. With Razer Cortex, you can boost your game’s FPS (frames per second), increase loading times and reduce system crashes. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top 10 games that work with Razer Cortex and demonstrate how to optimize them for better performance.

The Top 10 Games Compatible with Razer Cortex

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Razer Cortex is a software application created by Razer Inc., a gaming hardware and accessories company. It is designed to optimize a user's computer for gaming by freeing up system resources, tweaking settings, and providing easy access to gaming-related tools and features.

Some of the features of Razer Cortex include:

  • Boost: This feature frees up system resources by shutting down unnecessary processes and services. This can help improve gaming performance by allocating more resources to the game.
  • Gamecaster: This feature allows users to record and stream gameplay to popular streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Game Deals: This feature provides users with information on game sales and discounts from various online retailers.
  • FPS (Frames Per Second) Counter: This feature displays the current FPS rate during gameplay, allowing users to monitor their computer's performance.
  • Game Launcher: This feature provides quick access to all installed games in one place, allowing users to launch them without navigating through various folders and directories.

Overall, Razer Cortex is a useful tool for gamers looking to optimize their gaming experience on their PC.

Benefits of using Razer Cortex:

Razer Cortex has several benefits that make it a must-have for avid gamers. The first benefit is its ability to free up system resources by closing background apps and services while gaming. This ensures that your computer is entirely devoted to running your games without lag or interruptions, resulting in an immersive gaming experience. Secondly, Razer Cortex optimizes your game's settings, including graphics quality, resolution, and texture filtering for better visuals and increased FPS. Additionally, it updates drivers quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have the latest version for optimal gameplay.

Top 10 Games Compatible with Razer Cortex:

1) Apex Legends

2) Fortnite


4) League of Legends

5) Rainbow Six Siege

6) Overwatch

7) Dota 2

8) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

9) World of Warcraft

10) Grand Theft Auto V

How to Optimize Games with Razer Cortex:

Optimizing games with Razer Cortex is easy and straightforward. First, download the application from the official website or through Steam if you prefer. Once installed, open the application and click on "Boost" which will automatically analyze your system requirements and optimize your gameplay settings accordingly. You can also customize each game's settings manually by clicking on "Game Booster," which provides options such as reducing background processes, updating drivers or tweaking graphical settings.

Additional Features of Razer Cortex:

Razer Cortex offers several additional features beyond optimizing gameplay performance; these include:

1) System cleaning: This feature scans your entire computer for junk files such as temporary files or browser caches.

2) Capture and Share: This feature allows you to capture screenshots or record gameplay footage at high-quality resolutions.

3) Game Deals: This feature provides discounts on popular titles through online platforms such as Steam or GOG.

Frequently Asked Questions about Razer Cortex:

Q: Is there a free version of Razer Cortex?

A: Yes! There is a free version that includes most optimization features but lacks some advanced features found in the paid version.

Q: Does Razer Cortex support Windows 10?

A: Yes! It supports all versions of Windows from Windows XP onwards.

Q: Can I trust Razer Cortex?

A: Yes! It is developed by one of the well-known names in gaming technology -Razor- so it's reliable & trustworthy.


In conclusion, if you are looking to enhance your gaming experience and get better results when playing some of the most popular games out there today then using Razer cortex could be just what you need! This robust software enables gamers to unlock their full potential while minimizing distractions from other applications running on their computers. With its easy-to-use interface coupled with plenty of customization options available at every turn – it’s no wonder why so many gamers worldwide rely on this tool every day!

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